About Us

Crown Projects is a luxury custom homebuilder operating in the Calgary and surrounding area. We develop modern and contemporary style homes that exuberate vibrant design and architecture in every way possible. Our sleek designs are created around details that are usually over looked by other builders. For example, we do extensive light modeling to ensure no room in your house is dark (unless you want it to be) and that you receive the natural light you desire, all year round. Not only does this save on energy, but it creates a natural and environmentally conscientious approach to your home and truly engages you with your surroundings. Natural light, big windows, cantilevers, and open floor concepts are a standard and are some of the underlying results that we try to achieve with every creation.

We look at every detail from start to finish and give it our fullest attention. This ensures the correct cost effective methods are followed and the correct materials are utilized to create the quality home we envisioned together. We work together as a team to analyze and create a budget and working schedule so that nothing gets overlooked. Our trades are in integral part of our business and their happiness equates into the quality of workmanship transferred into your home. We work together as a whole to bring your dreams to reality with exceptional quality.

We are extremely transparent in our process and give the client an opportunity to see a snapshot, at any point during the build. No project is too big or small. We have both an internal team of architects and external architects that work congruently to design and provide a home that is exactly to your needs, and they have the brainpower and skills to educate and recommend design ideas that usually will blow your socks off.

We are a small company that maintains a professional guild from start to finish. We can act quick on our feet and attend to every detail of your project. We find it better and much more efficient this way.


  • Ryan Scarff

    Ryan is our internal architect with extensive experience in both the Chicago and Calgary high end market. He has designed many modern masterpieces that reside in the Calgary area. Ryan was recognized for the Arthur Erickson memorial award for an emerging architect or designer in 2010. He was also recognized as Western Livings one to watch for 2010. Ryan graduated with a Masters in architectural design and technologies from Dalhousie University in 2002. He continues to reside in Calgary and designs homes for some of the most prestigious areas of Calgary. Ryan works closely with the homeowners to truly build the home of their dreams.

  • Garret Heide

    Garret is our development manager who has experience in the infill and multi family market in Calgary, Alberta. He has a degree in business and a diploma from the university of Saskatchewan.

  • Derek Spencer

    Derek is our Vice President of Operations and on site resource that handles the day to day activities pertaining to the builds. Derek deals with the trades on a daily basis to ensure the proper result is achieved both economically and correctly. Derek graduated with a degree in business and computer information systems from Mount Royal University. He also heads up the companies financial planning division, project budgeting and scheduling for all of our clients.