Custom Building

When you build with Crown Projects you will quickly realize why we have developed such a successful track record and business over the years. We believe that the relationships we build and maintain with our clientele is just as important as the homes and projects we develop. We instill complete honesty, integrity, and dedication towards completing your vision and dream. Throughout every facet of the construction process you can count on our precise planning and project management to provide you with a clear path, scheduling and up to date budget reviews. Our process is both personalized and systematic, making sure no details are overlooked, thus allowing our clients to have a stress free building experience.


  • We have created relationships with the city planners in the main areas that we build. This allows for a BP/DP quick approval process, saving you money.

  • Our trades have turned into great respectful colleagues. We make sure they do excellent work and love working for us.

  • We have an in house architect who can do up drafts or partial plans for any aspect of the build, making quick adjustments and saving you money.

  • We are diligent with fencing, security, and rules that our trades must follow. These are a top priority allowing our sites to be clean, secure, mitigating the worry of materials going missing.

Our General Custom Build Process

An employee from Crown Projects will meet with the potential homeowner and the desired architect to analyze the lot, views, light, restrictions and general design ideas.

Crown Projects puts together an early budget based on drawings and elevations.

The client signs a letter of intent, and construction management agreement.

Crown projects and the architect work congruently to develop a development permit and submit to the city.

We wait for DP approval and set out the costs for the BP application.

Crown Projects will review and consult on the BP and structural drawings to ensure the most cost effective and structurally sound methods are used while achieving the desired architectural design.

BP Drawings are submitted by Crown Projects to the city.

Any tree protection programs or requests from city are completed by Crown Projects.

Crown Projects forms a schedule for the client and reviews the budget based on finalized BP Drawings.

The client and Crown Projects sign a contract; this includes the Budget and general move in Date.

Construction starts with the demolition of the old home- if needed.

Crown Projects will always commit to our completion deadline as set out in our contract, unless change orders come into affect*

Crown Projects works closely with the trades and suppliers to ensure you obtain the highest quality of materials and workmanship at a fair price throughout the build process.

Bi-weekly meetings are scheduled with homeowner to review the ongoing process and to address decisions pertaining to the schedule.

Final inspection and walkthrough are completed and the home is ready for occupancy permit and possession.